Hello everyone How are you? The exam marking takes really a week in total and the class protfolio takes a week also. Ladies the class Porfolio was not organised well and presentation was generally of a poor standard. There was time also given when I was correcting the Plans for you to update your Portfolio, 1hr 1/2. I am unsure about your record keeping skills and the marks reflect that. However the exam results were generally good.

The Portfolios will be ready from Saturday. They may be ready by the end of today but I cannot guarantee that. But if your are there at 3-00pm today then you can come to check if it is ready.

ALSO: 2 portfolios do not have a name so we cannot give a mark.
1. has Sara Al moudis name but we have 2 for you Sara so can you call me 0500230872 or email me mkellymcst.edu.sa or call to the office. We dont know which folder is yours.
2. next one has no name at all and perhaps from group 6. It is grey, slim folder, light grey with pink roses with orange leaves.
3. Finally Loloa, I found your name on a grey folder with sheets put in loosely. I have another folder for Lolola. So this one has 2 sets of notes and am unsure about who it all belongs to. so contact me please
0500230872 or email me mkellymcst.edu.sa or call to the office.
best for now dont go away!! Marie

Teaching Week 15 College week 16. FINAL EXAM WEEK

19th May


my email is mkelly@mcst.edu.sa

revision is ch1. ch2. includin the excercises and review questions.
Circulatory System and Digestive System.
Also use your word lists in your portfolio to revise

Hand in on the day of exam tomorrow.

Last day is 23rd May. Must give them to me no later than 23rd thats Wednesday this week.
If given on next Saturday you will loose one mark. And one mark per day after that.

Teaching week 14 College week 15

14th May uploaded a copy of the table for the Word list for Body Organisation, 'Clue Words for the Exam' and 'The Coversheet for the Portfolio'. If you didnt do the 'Comprehension on the Circulatory system' dont worry, 'Note on the serous membrane' is not necessary and 'Write the medical terminology' is not on the Wikispaces so dont worry about that one.

13th May Deadline date for portfolio 23rd May next Wednesday. Can bring to me on the same day as the exam.

No more presentations or classroom parts of project after this week

Final Exam---all chp. 1. all chp 2. digestive system, circulatory system, revise your word lists.

Word LIst 1 ch.1 you did this as a class activity in groups of 4. The very first word list. You had to to photocopy or email the words that you analysed to the rest of the group, so each studetn has all the medical terminology for the first part of ch. 1.

Word List 2 the medical terminology was provided by me, to you in the classroom. Then the students in groups of 4 made the word lists together. This was a class activity.

Word List Body Organisation the combining forms for this list was again provided and youn did it as a class activity, it is also on the wikispace pages and files.

Word List Circulatory System this list was provided in class and you did the Medical Terminology list analysis in the classroom

Word List Digestive System this again was a class activity and you did the list in the classroom

Teaching week 13 College week 14.

PORTFOLIO = 15% is due 20th-23rd of May. If late then from Saturday 26th May one mark is lost for everyday late. The remainder of the marks left for the Porfolio is 11.25% as 3.75% was used in the first part.

PROJECTS = 15%- Next week is the final week for the Project Presentations. There are no more Make Up Projects and Instructions. If you have not completed your Poster or done the Classroom part of the project then you must see me. Any remainder projects will be done in classtime next week.

FINAL EXAM - 40% Ch 1.basic word structure Ch. 2 organisation of the body,SYSTEMS.. Digestive system.

Circulatory System.

Classes run as normal next week.

Teaching week 12 College week 13

college weeks are 16 altogether in this semester
MIDTERM MAKE UP EXAM-- 30th April, in the Language Lab D building. 1st Floor at 8-00am. PLease be on time.
The following students are down for the midterm.
Zahra Abdo b Alkam
Reem Ahmad Yahya
Maram Mohammad
Khloud Kalif

THE course is 16 weeks but we started one week late. S we have 15 teaching weeks.
We will cover the circulatory system, do all the presentations and update the portfolios for collection on week 14. The date is not yet arranged.
Make up Midterm.
this will be on 30/4/2012 Monday Please email me if any problem or clases of class mkelly@mcst.edu.sa Thankyou.
check list for thhe Medical term Analysis for the digestive system is uploaded.

Teaching Week 11 21st April

Handouts for the Circulatory system added.
Handout Instructions for the Presentation of the Project will be given in the class and is also uploaded here.

Group 9 and 7 Take note of the uploaded Classroom Part 2 of the Project NOW ON PAGES AND FILES.
These are the instructions for your project.

Tip: look under April for recent uploads to find the files quickly.

Teaching Week 10 14th April.
thank you everyone for all your work this week and giving in the plans on time. Everyone was able to submit the Plan for the project on the day or the day after. I cannot accept any next week . So if anyone has missed then please leave it until after the project part 2 in the classroom next week. Please see the Sheet on the cplassroom Instructions. You should read this to prepare. You will be given this sheet at the beginning of the classroom part 2.

the schedule for PART 2
SAT 21st April 8-10-00AM section 159 group 7 *rooms EF64 and EG65
SAT 21st April 1-30pm - 3-30pm section 164 group 9 rooms EF64 and EF67
MON 23rd April 8-00-10-00am section 161 group 3 rooms EF64 and EG65
TUE 24th April 10-00-12-00am section 168 group 6 rooms EF64 and EF63
WED 25th April 11-00-1-00pm make up for those who miss due to another exam. 2 students so far.ROOM EF67

The other lesson for you will be teaching as normal, starting with recap questions on the review of ORGANISATION OF THE BODY and then starting the cardiovascular system.

Week 9 11th April Wednesday

Dear Students,

The paragraph on the function of the system for the project must be in your words.
That mean.......s read and understand the source of the information but RESTATE it in your own words. See the article on paraphrasing to help. To summarise choose a very simple source from a book or a web site. The underline the difficult words. Write a similar word or defination. The paragraph should be easily understood by the majority of the students.

Week 9th Apri

Today sesson included listing the Medical Terms for Body Organisation and Analysing these in the classroom. You worked in groups of four and each studetn did a sheet each. However that is only 1/4 of the terms. To really capture all the medical terms the best thing is to do the terms for all the combining forms and analyse all these medical terms. I put The Word List sheet on here on wiki space today. If you have time and prefer to do extra practice of the medical terminology then print out all four sheets for this Word List.

Good Luck!

Week 9. 8th April

Make up mid term. is for those who were absent and sick. You must bring your medical certificate for that absence before the end of next week. Failure to do so and you will not be allowed to do the Make up exam. Also the certificate must be written within the week that you were ill and not now at this stage.

PLAN give to me 14th April. No late PLANS because I need to mark the projects before the end of the week and give them back to you for the second part of the Project.
CLASROOM PART (EXAM) - 21st of April for Groups 3, group 7 and group 9.
- 22nd of April for Group 6

During the normal class time. If you have another exam at the same time let me know so that we can schedule your project with another class.
PRESENTATION-- during class time starting on Saturday April 28th.

Week 9 teaching 7th April
PLAN for the project is due next week.
NOTE: write medical terms form the book only and also only a list of the terminology. Don't analyse the terminol. JUST take the word analysis blank sheet to the classroom Part 2.
there is no midterm 2 exam. BUT the classroom part 2 of the project is like an exam because you will do this in exam conditions. You will have 2 hours for this part in the classroom.

Ammendment to the venue for the debate tomorrow-- now in the large hall DG48 from 12-00 to 1-30pm. all welcome .

I hope you had a rest nice food an a nice time with your family and friends over the semester break. !!

So the next step!! We will finish studying the digestive system , word analysis list 3, Homework Assignement 4 and begin Chapter 2 Body Organisation. Also begin the Plan for your project. There will be one deadline date only!! Really I have left it too late to make another later deadline for the Plan. The Plan takes the most time for the project. Please do start this early. The Plan must be handed in on the week 14th of April. I need to see it and mark it before you do the classroom part of the project on the following week. Please please please ! !!!give it to me on your first lecture that week. If not I cannot mark it and you cannot do the classroom part 2 of the project.



some food and drinks will be provided, some of your class friends are in the debate, yes its your year who will be debating.

Welcome to Medical English103.

week 7 18th March. Again ..........
I have just uploaded the files for this weeks lesson on the project and Medical Word List 3. So you will find the slides and the plan cover sheet and the homework assignment for the digestive system.
The homework is a crossword so you have a link to use.

Please photocopy Medical Word list 3. and bring it with you to the class so that you can enter the remaining words.

Please, if your portfolio was not corrected leave it in the box.
I will let you know definate dates for the project part 2 (the classroom part) as soon as it is finalis
Please can you ensure that you put your mobile phone on silent and in your bag during teaching and all activities. If you cannot remember this ask a friend also to remind you. I will continue to request this before the class begins.
Week 7.
Sand storm 18th March. Many students were unable to attend the lecture today. Thats group 6 section 168. This is the last 1st lecture so I will repeat this lecture on Wednesday or on Tuesday afternoon. It is important to attend the lecture about the project. It depends on what suits most students. I am unavailable wed 11-12 due to envigilation.

11th March
Please come and take your protfolio for your revision. There are 2 still in the boxes!!
a reminder about the group and section you are in. You will need to know to enter the correct room.
Group 6--section 168/167 First lecture is Sunday 10-00 to 12-00
Group 7 -section 159/160 Sat class 8-00 to 10-00am
Group 9 --section 164/163 Sat class 1-00 to 3-00pm
Group 3--section 161/162 Sat class--10-00 to 12-00

Welcome to week 6.
13th March is the exam date, please come at least 10 minutes before the exam .
Can you please remember to finish the Review chapter if you did not do so in class. Pg 20-24. Exc A- I
The prefixes for the exam are an-, dia-, endo- exo- hyper- hypo- retro- sub- trans- know one medical term at least with these prefixes.

After the exam can group 9 hand back the portfolio please.

The classes following the exam will be the ppt for the project and the digestive system.

Wednesday 7th March
we are working on copying CD's for those students who could not get the 5th ed. We thought that this could easily be done but apparantly there is a waiting list.

Wednesday 7th March
Hi everyone!
some classes will miss their first lecture next week because they have exams. Please make sure that you do the Review acivities in the REVIEW pg 20-24 ex A-I.

The prefixes that we did are all of the prefixes that I am going to do. So you will not have any more prefixes to study.
Plurals pg. 11 are not on the exam or course.

Please for your next lectures, before the exam, if you can make any questions about the review or anything in the chapter that you would like me to cover, write down the question and give it to me. I also have a class quiz that will help for your preparation. Your CD is also a help.

Any difficulty with the review questions please do tell me so that I can deal with the main things that are a problem.

Sunday 4th March
apology 'students' not 'patients' :)
8-00-10-00am class in EG61
10-00-12-00am class in EG61
1-00-3-00pm class room to be confirmed.
PLEASE DO NOT COPY someones PORTFOLIO . Its always clear to the teacher. You get 0 mark. Remember the protfolio is a learning activity and is good training for record keeping of notes for now and in the future.

Saturday 3rd March.
Hi, due to weathr only a small number of patients made it to college. Tomorrow classes are available 8-00 to 10-00am 10-00-12-00am and 1-00 to 3-00pm. If your schedule fits these times then please attend for todays classes. Uploaded is today s lesson on the pages and files.

Week 5.
Welcome to week 5!
Incase of confusion this week is teaching week 5 and college semester week 6. We were assigning the schedules and classes on week 1.

I have added some sheets form the Activities you did in class last week.
1. the Medical words Meaning to Medical terms
2 .Medical words in context sheets 1 and 2. These sheets are the paragraphs, sentences, letter and giving directions in the Hospital.
3. Medical departments in the hospital.
4.Word analysis Word List 2.

PORTFOLIO- I will correct these beginning Sunday. I had several things to attend to on Wednesday and was unable to make the marking complete for Saturday but will begin this week. I look forward to reading and looking at your work so far!!

HOMEWORK ASSIGNEMENT 3. - this is Word list one that you made in your groups using the mini dictionary and glossary. Please have the list completed and together for this week and put it into your portfolio.

MIDTERM EXAM- This will be on the 13th March. We await the exact time. Be aware the timetable for the exam is not complete so this date might change. All of the first chapter and the common terms for the Body Parts will be on the Midterm. The slides are important because they give more explanation and also the activity sheets give you practice. However the exam is based on all the terms from the book and the Parts of the Body Diagram and terms are the only topics that is not in the book but will be on the exam.


Week 4. 25th Febuary Hi everyone!
You have now made it to week 4!!
I hope that everyone has been able to find their correct schedule and are in the correct class and are settled into Medical Terminology!!

This week I will mark the portfolios. Please include
Homework assignement --1 and 2 .
Activity Sheets-- Labelling the body parts, Dividing the words, Word Analysis( make sure the last paragraph about the rules for Word Analysis is complete) and List of suffixes with their meanings.
If you dont give me the portfolio this week , no mark, this first mark is 3.75%. The dates for the portfolio are strict, please please submit the portfolio on time. I want you to get the marks!!

Thankyou all again for giving so much to the classes. I am enjoying teaching you and listening to you. I thank you all also for your patience with some slower starts with the technology and with the accessing wikispace. I am working on getting different rooms so we can have a smoother running class. Your suggestions and questions are always welcome.

Take care of yourselves,

Miss Marie

2o0th Febuary, Monday Hi just added Homework Assignment 3. If you finished the Word list activity then you will be ready to do Home work assignment 3.
PORTFOLIO-is a file you will make . It contains the activity sheets from class and homeworks and any extra things you wnat to add that is interesting or useful for Medical Terminology. You will hand this in for the first marking on your first lecture next week. That is week beginning 25th Feb.
Hi , All of you who accepted my invitation I have now made you an Organiser. This means you can invite other class members to the wikispace for Eng103. In the end I hope that everyone will be a member of wikispace. Everyone can access the sheets, slides etc by themselves.
To INVITE a new member click on Manage Wiki on the left. Then click Invite member and add the students email address and send.
I will make more organisers so you wont have the job of entering in all the emails.
To get the activities and powerpoint presentations and homework assignments you click on 'pages and files' on the right column here on this page.
Today 19th Feb. I have added the Homework Assignment 3. This is the last part of the classroom Assignment. Some groups may be unsure about what to do for the last part. Please try to assist them or aske them to come to my office wed am between 10-00 and 11-00am. I advise that each studetn write their word and email them to the other students. Compile the list together. Then each student will have all the medical words. Put this homework medical word list in your portfolio.
Today Monday the class for Eng 103 for group 7 is in EG59 as usual. We DO NOT have lab. Class as normal. Thanks.

Students Group 9! my class with you on Saturday will be at 1-40pm. We will finish at 3-15pm latest. I hope this is suitable . Thankyou. Miss Marie

Welcome back and I hope you all had a great holiday! My name is Miss Marie and I look forward to meeting you all.
This course will be for 16 weeks for 4 hours each week and it is starting the 4th Febuary 2012.

The book is called Medical Terminolgy A short Course. I now know that this book has a new edition and so we ordered the 5th edition to come to the school and you can obtain the 5th edition from the school when it arrives. It has just been ordered. So if you have bought the book dont worry. You can use it or return it to the bookstore if they will accept it back.

We just realised this problem this morning so apologies to group 3 who I had for class on Saturday. I will speak to you tomorrow morning.
To get the activities and powerpoint presentations and homework assignments you click on pages and files on the right column here on this page.

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